Recording studio

A beautiful residential recording studio
 that offers various possibilities.

A 100 m² plateau plus two cabins, 30 m² and 6 m² and the spacious control room permitting multiple configurations.
Each room, with stonewalls and beams, is provided with daylight and high ceilings, ideal for acoustic ensembles.

Artists will enjoy the spacious rooms, allowing them to feel at home while participating in each step of the production process.



  • Grand piano YAMAHA C7
  • Midi keyboards (Roland D50, S50, DX7)
  • Workstation Korg trinity Pro


We provide the material necessary for each project. We adapt to your technical needs.
 We are involved in the realisation of your project with optimal success.

Control Room

  • monitoring: Proac, studio 100
  • monitoring earphones: soundtracks sequel 2

Sound engineers affiliated with Studio Juillaguet


Musicians in residency

  • Dick Annegarn
  • Yonathan Avishaï Trio
  • Benjamin Duboc / Didier Lasserre / Daunik Lazro
  • Mahotella Queens
  • Jean Lapouge / Jeff Boudreaux
  • Vincent Segal
  • Rajery
  • Albrecht Maurer
  • Mounira Michala
  • Akalé Wubé
  • Eve Risser / Joris Rühl / Karl Naegelen


Studio A

Studio B