About us

About us

This is the place!
To feel good
To make beautiful music
To feel the nature
To feel the human beings
To stay with friends and colleagues
To love
To eat
To sleep
Eve Risser, pianiste
Studio Juillaguet is a recording studio but also a place open to artists in search of a residential space for musical, choreographic or theatrical creations.
The place is well equipped and offers various accommodation possibilities.

Studio Juillaguet was mainly created for artists but is open to anybody wishing to work on creative projects in a congenial atmosphere.

Studio Juillaguet is a place for organizing workshops in all creative fields.

Studio Juillaguet is a place for seminars and working vacations for professionals and amateurs.

Studio Juillaguet was created by composer and contrabassist, Kent Carter and dancer/choreographer, Michala Marcus, both wishing a space in the countryside for creative work and a possibility to invite and host artists from elsewhere. They both continue their personal activities, creating performances and music, touring and teaching through the world…


“Rivière” is a little isolated hamlet situated in the outskirts of the village of Juillaguet within a beautiful setting.

On one side of the courtyard:

On the other side of the courtyard:

Accommodation for up to 16 persons

The artists in Studio Juillaguet

Artists having stayed and worked and/or recorded in Studio Juillaguet:

  • Ballaké Sissoko
  • Vincent Segal
  • Kassé Maddy
  • Yonathan Avishaï
  • Lucy Dixon
  • Dick Annegarn
  • Benjamin Duboc / Didier Lasserre / Daunik Lazro
  • Albrecht Maurer / Theo Jörgensmann
  • Jean Lapouge / Kent Carter / Jeff Boudreaux
  • Michael Arbenz / Glenn Ferris / Kent Carter / Fabien Arbenz
  • Etienne Rolin
  • Charles Kelly
  • Mahotella Queens

and a lot more…

Dance Companies

  • Jacques Patarozzi
  • Les Clandestins – Odile Azagury
  • Rosalind Crisp
  • Festival “Printemps de la Danse”
  • Thomas Lebrun
  • Anthony Egea

Workshops / Meetings / Work Vacation

  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Zen Meditation
  • Workshops for persons with handicaps
  • Meetings with schools around the performances “Atchoum”, “Papaillage”, Cie DMI (Danse Musique Image).
  • Workshops for parents with their children
  • Workshops with students of Poitiers University within creation of documentaries
  • Program for educators on body language
  • Week-ends with Psychiatric Hospital residents
  • Papermaking workshop participants

Vacation / Residence with focus

Combine your holidays with work

Music, bodywork, dance, qi gong…

During your stay at Studio Juillaguet you can have daily classes or workshops within creative movement, improvisation, qi gong, music and introduction to recording techniques.
These options are open to all ages, from babies to grand-parents.

Studio Juillaguet is a professional recording studio as well as a beautiful dance studio.

The surrounding woods invite you to explore the nature but also to visit the magnificent roman architectures, churches, abbayes, châteaux, caves with prehistorical paintings, museums…
You can enjoy swimming in the river, near the wonderful village of Aubeterre for example, or go to one of the vast beaches on the Atlantic Ocean (1h30 by car).

The owners are both artists, Kent Carter, contrabass player and composer and Michala Marcus, dancer, making multimedia and children performances as well as giving workshop in bodywork to professionals and to parents with their children within dance, music, books..

You should tell us about your wishes and we’ll make a proposal specifically for you!

He speaks English, she is multilingual, Danish, Swedish, English, French, some German, and some Spanish…